Colleges That Are Still Accepting Applications for the Class of 2020

By IvyWise on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Colleges Still Accepting ApplicationsHere’s a List of Colleges and Universities With Later Deadlines

January 1 may have passed, but there are still plenty of colleges accepting regular decision applications. For those students who got a late start on the college admissions process, or are second-guessing their current balanced college list, there are a number of colleges and universities with later application deadlines.

When applying to college, it’s important to do thorough research and make sure that the schools on your list are great academic, social, and financial fits, and a balanced mix of reach, target and likely schools. While it’s not ideal to add colleges to your list at the last minute, every situation is different, and sometimes students get a late start or change their minds.

For those who have thoroughly researched a school on this list and worried that the deadline has passed – don’t fret! There’s still time to get your application in. Make sure everything is complete and try to avoid any of these common last minute mistakes.

Here’s a list of colleges with later and extended application deadlines.

School Deadline
Johns Hopkins University January 4th
Bentley University January 7th
Santa Clara University January 7th
University of Chicago January 8th (extended deadline)
Georgia Institute of Technology January 10th
Wheaton College (Illinois) January 10th
Cooper Union January 11th
Florida State University January 13th
Washington University in St. Louis January 15th
University of Connecticut January 15th
College of the Holy Cross January 15th
George Mason University January 15th
University of Richmond January 15th
Haverford College January 15th
University of Southern California January 15th
Case Western Reserve University January 15th
RPI January 15th
Macalester College January 15th
Loyola University Maryland January 15th
Grinnell College January 15th
Villanova University January 15th
University of Delaware January 15th
Kenyon College January 15th
James Madison University January 15th
Colgate University January 15th
Bucknell University January 15th
University of Georgia January 15th
Lafayette College January 15th
American University January 15th
Carleton College January 15th
Wilamette University January 15th
Wellesley College January 15th
UNC Chapel Hill January 15th
Gettysburg College January 15th
University of Maryland College Park January 20th
Washington State University January 31st
University of Michigan February 1st
Goucher College February 1st
Gonzaga University February 1st
IU Bloomington February 1st
University of Wisconsin Madison February 1st
Roger Williams University February 1st
Dickinson College February 1st
Stevens Institute of Technology February 1st
Purdue University February 1st
Colorado State University February 1st
Sewanee: The University of the South February 1st
Butler University February 1st
Hobart and William Smith Colleges February 1st
Whittier College February 1st
Ithaca College February 1st
Miami University (Ohio) February 1st
University of Mary Washington February 1st
Simmons College February 1st
Quinnipiac University February 1st (rolling)
DePauw University February 1st
Ursinus College February 1st
Suffolk University February 1st
University of Buffalo February 1st
Kalamazoo College February 15th
Allegheny College February 15th
Pace University February 15th
Muhlenberg College February 15th
Ohio Wesleyan University March 1st
Rowan University March 1st
University of Arizona May 1st
Clemson University May 1st

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