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Friday, March 23, 2012

College Admissions? “There’s an app for that”

AppsLets be honest, the college process can be stressful. Many applications have gotten longer, essay questions more complex, and the competition stronger than ever. While independent counselors for college admission like the ones at IvyWise aim to alleviate this stress, there are also less conventional resources, such as apps, to help you simplify the daunting task of applying to college. Whether reminding you of deadlines, helping you find your perfect college match, keeping all of your documents in one place, or preparing you for standardized tests, the following apps might be worth checking out.

College Search

While nothing beats in-depth research, sometimes just knowing where to start can be a challenge. For students just beginning the college admissions process, you might want to check out these options before moving on to more comprehensive resources.

The Fiske Interactive College Guide 2012 – $19.99

Fiske GuideDr. Kat often recommends the Fiske Guide to Colleges, featuring profiles on more than 310 colleges and universities. The guide focuses on the academic climates and the social and extracurricular scenes at a particular campus. In addition to the in-depth information that draws students to the book, the app includes interactive tools for students to organize the college search process. Each school listing features a built-in map (so users can plan a college tour), links to the school’s website and contact information for the admissions office, plus the ability to make notes on and organize schools into various lists. These features have made the Fiske app one of the most popular college admissions apps available despite the $19.99 price tag (which is less that the book’s list price). Also try: NextStepU Magazine

Check back next week as we look at apps that help students prepare for standardized tests and get organized. In the meantime, tell us what apps you’ve found the most useful in school and the college admissions process!

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