Class of 2020 Early Admission Rates

Monday, December 14, 2015

Class of 2020 Early Admission RatesHere are the Early Admission Statistics for the Class of 2020


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We’re closing in on the college application finish line for this year’s high school seniors, but the first members of the Class of 2020 are in! Are you curious to see how this year’s early applicants compared to the Class of 2019? Here’s our breakdown of the early admission numbers for the Class of 2020. More decisions will be released this week along with statistics, so we will be updating as more information becomes available!

Application Numbers

Early application numbers for the Class of 2020 varied, with some colleges reporting a record high number of applications and others reporting slight dips.

Harvard received 4.3% more early applications this year than last fall. Brown reported its second-highest early applicant pool, with 3,030 students applying to the university’s early decision program. UPenn also reported an increase in early applicants, with 5% more students applying early than last year.

Stanford received its largest-ever early applicant pool, with close to 8,000 students applying early to the highly selective university.

Yale, however, reported a slight dip – less than 1% – in the number of early applicants to the Class of 2020.

Admission Rates

Early admission rates for the Class of 2020 stayed pretty steady compared to those for the Class of 2019, with most schools reporting only slight increases or decreases.

Brown, Johns Hopkins, and Williams all admitted a slightly higher percentage of early applicants than last year, while Duke, Harvard, Stanford, and Penn all admitted a slightly lower percentage of early applicants.

Here are some available early admission rates for the Class of 2019:

SchoolClass of 2020 Early Admission RateClass of 2019 Early Admission Rate
Brown University22%20.5%
Columbia UniversityTBA20%
Cornell University27.4%28%
Dartmouth College25.6%25.9%
Duke University23.5%25.9%
Georgetown University13%13.3%
Harvard University14.8%16.5%
Johns Hopkins University30.3%28.9%
Middlebury College53%42%
Northwestern University35%36.2%
Princeton University18.6%19.9%
Stanford University9.5%10.2%
University of ChicagoTBA12%
University of Pennsylvania23.2%24%
Williams College42%41.1%
Yale University17%16%


For many early admission applicants, decisions don’t yield a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but rather a deferral – meaning their application will be considered again in the regular round.

This year, Harvard deferred 4,673 early applicants – 75% of students who applied in the early round. Brown deferred 1,905 and Stanford deferred 701 early applicants.

For those who were deferred, here’s what you need to know about the decision and what you can do to improve your chances of admission in the regular round.

If you need additional help, contact us today for more information on our deferral consultation!

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