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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 College Admission RatesAdmission Rates Drop Slightly from Last Year, Stanford Admits 5% of Applicants for the Class of 2019

It was another competitive admission season for the class of 2019, with admission rates for the incoming freshman class remaining low and even dropping slightly from the 2013-14 cycle. Overall, admission rates for the Class of 2019 remained very similar to last year, with some highly selective colleges reporting slight dips.

Admission Rates

Stanford University again reported a record-low admission rate of 5.05% for the Class of 2019. Last year Stanford became the most selective large university, admitting just 5.07% of applicants. MIT saw a slight increase in its admission rate for the Class of 2019, admitting 8% of applicants compared to 7.7% last year.

Other colleges admitted about the same percentage of applicants as last year, with Duke University admitting 10%, Middlebury admitting 17%, and Northwestern around 13%.

Application Numbers

Once again, many colleges reported a record-high number of applications for the Class of 2019, albeit many were just small gains over the record-number of applicants many received the year before.

Harvard received 37,305 applications for the Class of 2019, an 8.8% increase over last year. Johns Hopkins also reported a record-high number of applications for the 2014-15 admission cycle, receiving 24,717 applications – a 3% increase over the year before. Boston University reported a 1.1% increase in applications – also coming in at a record-high for the institution.

Here are some available admission rates for the Class of 2019. Check back for updates as more statics become available.

SchoolClass of 2019 Admission RateClass of 2018 Admission Rate
Boston College28%33.6%
Boston University32%34%
Bowdoin College14.9%14.8%
Brown University8.5%8.6%
Columbia University6.1%6.94%
Cornell University14.87%14%
Dartmouth College10.3%11.5%
Duke University10%10.7%
Georgetown University16.4%16.6%
Harvard University5.3%5.9%
Johns Hopkins University12.4%15%
Middlebury College17%17.3%
Northwestern University13.03%12.9%
Pomona College9.76%12.14%
Princeton University6.99%7.28%
Stanford University5.05%5.07%
University of ChicagoTBA8.4%
University of Pennsylvania9.9%9.9%
University of Southern California17.47%17.8%
University of Virginia28.48%28.9%
Vanderbilt University11%12.5%
Williams College16.8%18.2%
Yale University6.49%6.26%


*Note: For some colleges that just reported admission rates for the regular decision pool we calculated the overall admission rate for the Class of 2019 based on previously released early admission statistics.

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