Back to School with IvyWise 2020

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Use Our New Resources to Make the Most of This Unusual Semester

As COVID-19 continues to cause ongoing uncertainty for students across the globe, we’re debuting a new set of resources to help you navigate this unusual semester. Back to School with IvyWise is our latest initiative designed to provide students and families with comprehensive academic and college admissions support. 

Back to School with IvyWise includes a breadth of relevant and appropriate resources for students during every stage of their college admissions journey. Keep reading to learn more about the key aspects of our new program to discover the resources that will be the best fit for you.

We’re launching exciting forms of guidance that are free for all students. This includes:

Just Admit It! Podcast: Get the most important college admissions insight and advice in 30 minutes or less, with Just Admit It! This podcast features IvyWise’s college admissions experts, who have more than 200 years of combined admissions experience at elite institutions. From adapting to the pandemic to building a balanced college list, our ex-Deans and Directors of Admissions uncover what universities are really looking for and how students can stand out when applying to college this fall.

Webinars: A series of interactive virtual events offered to both families and school-based counselors on specialized topics, including how COVID-19 is impacting higher education and what fall 2020 applicants need to know. These webinars will bring relevant updates and advice directly to parents and students, as well as provide professional development and resources to aid school-based counselors during this unusual college admissions cycle. 

Knowledgebase: From articles and videos to free guides and downloads, the IvyWise Knowledgebase provides a plethora of resources to parents, students, and educators to demystify the complicated college admissions process.

In addition to our free resources, we have revamped and expanded a number of our services to help students navigate the admissions process. These services include:

IvyWise Tutoring: Students’ academic needs have evolved dramatically since schools went virtual this spring, and IvyWise has met that demand by expanding our tutoring services to meet the needs of today’s students. From helping students develop executive functioning skills for things like time management and organization in order to succeed in virtual learning environments, to supplementing students’ coursework with academic tutoring to ensure they stay on track with their educational goals, IvyWise is offering a plethora of tutoring services to support students during this time.

Project Mentorship: Extracurricular activities have been dramatically cut, leaving many students with few opportunities to engage their academic interests outside of the classroom. In response, IvyWise has developed a one-of-a-kind mentorship program, where students are guided through a customized independent project from start to finish by an IvyWise expert tutor who is a subject-matter specialist in that field. Students come away from their mentorship project with solid deliverables they can feature on their college applications.

Early College Prep: IvyWise has expanded offerings to provide early college guidance for middle school students, including foundational guidance and mentorship designed to help students start their journey to higher education off on the best note. In a WisePrep program, IvyWise works with students and families on every foundational element of their educational journey, from choosing the right curriculum to developing a holistic student through executive functioning and socioemotional guidance to instilling a love of learning and the tools for academic excellence. 

IvyWise Scholars: An expanded pro bono program designed to increase accessibility to quality admissions counseling. IvyWise Scholars receive personalized guidance from our admissions experts throughout every step of their application process. 

From students looking for essay advice to parents searching for financial aid tips, Back to School with IvyWise will provide expert insight into higher education’s most pressing questions. If you’re looking to learn more about our new initiatives, get in touch with our team today.

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