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By IvyWise on Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where IvyWise Students Come From

US University AdmissionsAs we finish up college application work with our seniors in the class of 2012, we thought we’d take a look at where IvyWise students have come from. College admission has become increasingly competitive and complicated, and can be even more so for students navigating the process from abroad. IvyWise counselors have worked extensively with students from around the US and around the world on the admissions process, and almost a third of IvyWise students are international students!

We have found that our students who work with us remotely have proven to be equally as successful as students who meet with their counselor in person. Our counselors do travel, and are able to meet with students wherever they are.

We are proud to report that we have provided college admissions counseling and tutoring to students from 33 countries and 33 US states and territories!

Countries US States and Territories
Argentina Alaska
Belgium Arizona
Brazil California
Bulgaria Colorado
Canada Connecticut
China Florida
Columbia Georgia
Czech Republic Guam
Ecuador Illinois
England Kentucky
France Louisiana
Germany Maine
Greece Maryland
Guatemala Massachusetts
India Michigan
Indonesia Minnesota
Italy Mississippi
Jamaica Missouri
Japan Montana
Korea Nebraska
Liechtenstein New Jersey
Malaysia New York
Mauritius North Carolina
Monaco Ohio
Pakistan Oklahoma
Peru Pennsylvania
Qatar Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia Tennessee
Singapore Texas
South Africa Virginia
Switzerland Washington
Taiwan Washington DC
Turkey Wisconsin

There are more students, from diverse backgrounds, applying for a limited number of spots at US colleges. IvyWise counselors understand the nuances of the college admissions process for students from all over the globe and can help students express their unique backgrounds to college admissions committees. Learn more about how we work with students throughout the US and around the globe on the college admissions process.

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