5 Most Popular SAT Subject Tests

Friday, March 9, 2018

sat,_act,_test_prepHere’s a Breakdown of 5 of the Most Popular SAT Subject Tests

While some colleges and universities require SAT Subject Test scores as part of the application process, many students choose to take them as way to demonstrate their interest in a particular area of study. There are a number of SAT Subject Tests that many students tend to gravitate toward, so we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular SAT Subject Tests!

At IvyWise, we encourage our students to take two or three SAT Subject Tests to meet the admissions requirements of their dream schools. While some college programs encourage specific SAT Subject Tests for admissions into a certain program, there are many schools that grant flexibility in having the student decide which SAT Subject Test is right for them.

Based on a student’s academic course of study, there are certain SAT Subject Tests that may naturally be preferable. For instance we encourage students to take the biology and US History Subject Tests once they have completed their high school courses on those subjects. Since these subjects can be taken as early as freshmen year of high school, students are able to study for the Subject Test as they progress through the course, in order to prepare. Taking an SAT Subject Test early on in the student’s academic career gives students the flexibility of not having to prepare for the SAT or ACT and SAT Subject Tests simultaneously.


We’ve found that the following five SAT Subject Tests are the most popular with our students based on their interests and academic curriculums.

SAT Subject Biology E/M

Taking the SAT Subject test in biology can signal to colleges that you plan to pursue a course of study in the sciences in college. With the Biology Subject Test there are two tests a student can take: Biology-E or Biology-M. Biology-E focuses on biological communities, populations, and energy flow, while Biology-M is geared towards biochemistry and cellular structure. Since most students are required to take biology as part of their high school curriculum, it’s a natural choice to include this subject test in your four-year plan.

SAT Subject Math II

For students uncertain on whether they would like to pursue a degree in the mathematics or sciences in college, Math II is a great option as it allowed them to showcase their strength in advanced math. As a more challenging version of Math I, Math II contains trigonometry and pre-calculus. Once you’ve taken these courses in high school, it’s a good idea to prep for this Subject Test while the material is still fresh!

SAT Subject Physics

After you’ve taken one year of physics in high school with lab experience, it’s a good idea to prep for the SAT Subject Physics exam – especially if you’re interested in applying to STEM majors. At IvyWise, we recommend that our students who are interested in STEM take this Subject Test as a secondary exam to either of the biology tests. Of course, if you’re hoping to major in physics, engineering or math, this will be an essential test for you to take to compliment your portfolio! This Subject Test is also increasingly popular with students interested in pursuing a pre-med track, as it’s a good exam to take if you’re strong in physics but plan to apply to a different STEM major.

SAT Subject Spanish

While this is a popular test for students looking to study Spanish, SAT Subject Spanish is also a good option for students applying to wide variety of majors. Spanish language is the second most-common language in the US after English, so it’s quite beneficial for future leaders and employees working in all fields to have a comprehensive knowledge of the language. For our students looking to go into the medical or other relevant professions (social work, counseling, speech therapy, etc.) this can be a valuable tool for communicating with potential clients. When a college visualizes you as a part of their campus, and their program, it’s beneficial for them to see how you can connect to others at their institution and in your prospective career.

SAT Subject US History

The US History Subject Test has become a natural choice for our students who have performed well in their US history course. Especially if they’re taking the Advanced Placement test in United States History (APUSH), we encourage students to consider taking the SAT Subject Test as well. Since the material covered on the AP exam aligns quite well with the Subject Test, it’s a natural choice to maximize your material learned.

Regardless of which tests are the most popular with other students, it’s important for individuals to take the SAT Subject Tests that are the right fit for their academic strengths and pursuits. Just make that you are meeting the academic needs and requirements of the programs to which you are applying.

At IvyWise we work with students to not only decide which courses and SAT Subject Tests to take as part of their college prep plan, but also prepare for those exams with our team of expert tutors. For more information on our college counseling and test prep services, contact us today!

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