5 Items to Check Off Your List Before the First Day of School

Monday, August 17, 2020

Have the Best First Day of School Possible By Checking These Items Off of Your To-Do List

Whether it’s in-person or online, the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of your academic year. Consequently, it’s important for students to come prepared and get started on the best note possible. 

To make the most of this year from day one, do some preparation work before back to school season officially begins. Keep reading to learn what items you should check off of your agenda before your first day of school.

Complete All Summer Assignments

One of the most important items to cross off of your to-do list may also sound like one of the most obvious: your summer homework and reading assignments. However, every year, some students get caught up in their summer activities and put this coursework on the back burner. While we recommend working through assignments systemically and avoiding last-minute cram sessions, it’s much better to complete your work in the final hours versus neglecting it entirely. If you have a book left on your reading list or an essay that’s only half-finished, make it a priority to complete this work before your first day. 

Set Your Goals

Think of the first day of school as a New Year’s of sorts: it’s a fun and exciting time to set some resolutions for your new start. Before your first day of classes, take some time to review your upcoming coursework and what you wish to accomplish this year. To hold yourself accountable, jot down a list of 3-5 actionable goals you wish to work towards during the next few semesters. Whenever your motivation starts to wane, come back to these objectives to remember what you’re hoping to achieve. 

Come Prepared When Possible

Once the school year starts, students are frequently busy with coursework, extracurricular activities, and SAT or ACT preparation. Take advantage of your last few days of summer to set yourself up for success during the upcoming school year. If you know that you will need specific school supplies or required texts, get a jumpstart on procuring these materials. While it may seem like a small task to accomplish, your future self will be grateful for the extra time to devote to study sessions and assignments.

Identify Past Challenges

The start of the school year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on past courses and pinpoint what you wish to do differently. Review the previous academic year and consider the progress you have made in every class subject. If you faced any challenges over the past year, identify these hurdles and brainstorm new potential solutions. Whether it’s seeking out tutoring or improving your time management skills, every student has room to learn and grow. 

Think Outside the Classroom

For many students, classes and coursework are just one part of the back to school equation. Between extracurricular activities and volunteering, many students have a multitude of commitments on their agenda during the academic year. While some activities may be modified this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to prepare for the school year holistically. This might include touching base with coaches and advisors, applying to remote internships, or learning about new opportunities to get involved in a cause you care about. Be proactive to ensure your list of activities is challenging and aligns with your needs and goals.

With the official start of school approaching, it’s an ideal time to prepare for the year ahead. For many students, this includes college application planning and school research. If you are beginning your own college search and looking for personalized advice, our team of experts can support you throughout the process. 

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