11 Stranger Things GIFs That Perfectly Describe Applying To College

By IvyWise on Thursday, November 2, 2017

stranger things applying to college.jpgWill My College Application Be Sent To The Upside Down?

Some of the first application deadlines have already passed, and with a little less than two months to go before regular decision deadlines, students are grappling with some strange college admissions emotions.

Let’s face it: Applying to college can be scary! It can also be exciting! Facing a new challenge, whether it’s writing the perfect essay or fighting off monsters from another dimension, can bring out a lot of different emotions. What’s important though is to keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with a great support system made up of your counselors, teachers, family, and, most importantly, your BFFs!

Here are 11 Stranger Things GIFs that perfectly describe what it’s like to apply to college.

Your college list starts off way too long.

stranger things college list.gif

What’s this 20 college limit on the Common App? Don’t they know I have dreams? (Pssst: Don’t apply to that many schools.)

Those first few emails from your dream school feel pretty special.

stranger things emails.gif

But pretty soon your inbox is filled with emails from schools you’ve never even heard of and your junk folder is full.

You and your friends end up applying to some of the same schools.

stranger things same college.gif

Think we could be roommates? Have you heard about the awesome food on campus? This will be the best four years ever!

People ask about your applications All. The. Time.

stranger things are you in.gif

Grandma, if I knew my admission decision I would have told you already.

The first draft of your essay is always a struggle.

stranger things essay.gif

There’s nothing quite like seeing the evolution of your personal statement from the first draft to the last.

Every time you check over your application you find a new mistake.

stranger things application mistakes.gif

How could I have possibly spelled my own name wrong? This is when you realize a second set of eyes will really come in handy.

Food is fuel.

stranger things food.gif

There’s a lot going on this year between studying for tests, writing essays, getting all your application materials together, and keeping up with a social life. Late-night study sessions and last minute application tweaks call for some sustenance.

You’re constantly worrying about your grades.

stranger things nerd.gif

How am I going to get into college if I get a B on my English paper? Every assignment might seem like life or death. It’s important to keep your grades up, and seek help if you need it, but don’t stress yourself out too much.

It takes every bit of courage to finally submit your apps.

stranger things submit app.gif

Let’s be honest. No matter how much work you put into your application, there’s always that little bit of panic before you hit “submit.”

You lean on your friends for support.

stranger things friends.gif

You’re all in this together, right? Sometimes it helps to have friends who are going through the same process to vent to and talk about what you’re most looking forward to in college – and what you’re afraid of.

The relief that comes with your first acceptance is very welcome.

stranger things acceptance.gif

All your hard work has paid off! Enjoy it. (For a list of early decision release dates click here.)

Don’t let the stress of applying to college send you to the Upside Down! Make sure you’re on track with your college prep with our free college planning checklist!

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