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Dr. Anya Barak

IvyWise Neuropsychological Partner

Dr. Anya Barak, a consultant to IvyWise, is a licensed psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychological evaluations. After earning her undergraduate degree in psychology from Columbia University, Dr. Barak completed her doctoral degree at St. John’s University, wherein she had the opportunity to work with lead researchers in the field of cognitive assessment and learning disabilities.

Dr. Barak went on to complete a two- year post-doctoral training program in neuropsychological evaluations under the supervision of world-renowned Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg. Dr. Barak has presented her own research at national conferences across the country. She has years of experience in testing children, and is knowledgeable in conducting testing with children as young as three through adolescence and college-age young adults.

For more information on working with Dr. Barak, please contact IvyWise at 212-262-3500 or via email at [email protected].