Admissions Counseling

K-12 Counseling

Admission to private, boarding, and independent schools can be very competitive. At IvyWise, we offer services to help families navigate the primary and secondary school admissions process.

IvyWise can help you get into your best-fit school

IvyWise has been in business for over 21 years and our team helps students get into their best-fit schools through our proven methodology.

IvyWise K-12 services are available for students of all ages, including those entering K-8, New York City high schools, independent, and boarding schools worldwide.

What is K–12 Counseling?

In your K–12 program, your counselor will work with you to:

Explain the K-12 application process
Develop a strategic admissions plan
Help plan and prepare for school tours
Prepare for interviews and playdates
Brainstorm and edit essays
Choose a top choice, write a top choice letter, and more

IvyWise K-12 services are available for students of all ages, including those entering:

New York City High Schools
Independent Schools
Boarding Schools


IvyWise can arrange individual tutoring in all academic subject areas from kindergarten through middle school, as well as comprehensive standardized test preparation for the ISEE, SSAT, and more. Tutors are matched with students based on the subject area students need assistance with, as well as fit, teaching style, and other parameters.

While IvyWise does not offer pre-K admissions programs, we can provide appropriate referrals. Please contact us for information.

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