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Master College Admissions Counselor

Former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions,
Boston College

Zach specializes in students interested in liberal arts, business, communications, journalism, or nursing, and international and first generation college students.

As a former Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at his alma mater, Boston College, and Assistant Director of Admissions at the College of the Holy Cross, Zach reviewed student applications from all over the world – and as a result is familiar with applicant profiles of students from across the globe, particularly Canada, China and Australia.

Zach takes a straightforward approach with his students, aiming to dispel admissions myths and help students and their families navigate past the ‘smoke in mirrors’ of the application process. With a deep-rooted interest in writing, Zach also thoroughly enjoys the entire essay process, from outlining ideas to making final edits. Zach has helped students gain admission to a variety of colleges and universities across the US with vastly different school types, sizes, and selectivity.

In addition to extensive experience reading and evaluating college applications, Zach also has experience with applicant interviews and evaluation in both individual and group settings.

In his free time, Zach enjoys watching sports (Go Green Bay!), traveling and finding new restaurants while doing so, and training for his annual half-marathon. He also has a proud love of satirical TV comedies.