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B.A., Swarthmore College

Petra specializes in preparation for SAT Subject Tests in US History, World History, and English Literature, TOEFL, AP US History, AP World History, AP English Literature, and academic tutoring in K-12 history, reading comprehension, writing skills, and English.

Petra has over five years of tutoring experience in history, reading, and English. Petra has worked with a variety of students, from kindergartners learning to read to adults honing their English skills to better qualify for employment

Petra earned her BA from Swarthmore College with a minor in Latin and has a background in formal linguistics. She uses her experience parsing grammatical structures and semantic meaning to help students improve their writing to craft papers and essays that are not only technically flawless, but also fluid and representative of that student’s unique voice and perspective. These skills have served her students well in all fields, whether it’s finishing a term paper, writing a timed essay for AP US History, or sitting for the writing portion of the TOEFL exam.

Each of her students has shaped her understanding of the learning experience, which has allowed her to better tailor her teaching methods to the needs and strengths of the individual.

Petra speaks both French and German. She is currently living in France, putting her language skills to the test, and as a result is keenly aware of the challenges faced by non-native speakers of a language. This experience has provided her with empathy for the language-learning process, as well as additional insight into the best methods to overcome these challenges.