Executive Functioning Coach

B.A., Northeastern University
M.S.W., Boston College


Nicki specializes in collaborating with students and families to develop unique and creative solutions to maximize a student’s executive functioning skills and academic performance. 

Nicki has years of experience partnering with adolescents and their families to create individualized plans which increase executive functioning skills, achieved by gaining a deep understanding of each student and their unique needs. Nicki works with students to address, prioritize, and create lasting change in time management skills and actualize results with positive outcomes.

Before receiving her M.S.W. from Boston College Nicki worked with students in a program designed to help underserved members of the Boston community access higher education by teaching excellent executive functioning skills and creating strategies to achieve challenging goals.

Throughout her graduate degree, Nicki worked with students in both High Schools and Colleges, using her abilities to help students successfully complete coursework, receive acceptance letters from colleges, and utilize executive functioning skills in all domains of their lives.

Nicki knows from personal experience how challenging teenage years can be with the pressure of maintaining good grades, participating in extracurriculars, preparing for college applications, and wanting success on a personal level. Balancing all these goals can be challenging, but through working together this can be achieved. Nicki believes that every student is capable of success when given proper supports and tools to achieve their goals!

In addition to working with adolescents, Nicki enjoys spending time at the beach, listening to live music, and participating in improvisational comedy.  


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Boston, MA




Executive Functioning

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