Maria S.

IvyWise Master Tutor

Graduate studies at Dartmouth College and UNT


Maria S. is an experienced English teacher with a career that spans over a decade, providing academic support for high school and college courses with a specialty in Literature, specifically British Literature and Minority Literatures such as Chicano/a Literature.

As a tutor and educator, Maria is nurturing and focused on student success. She works with students to help them reach their academic goals by identifying strategies to maximize their personal outcomes. Maria specializes in strengthening students’ analytical and critical thinking, reading, and writing skills through engaging discussions, customized instruction, and constant support.

Maria strives to provide feedback that is both positive and supportive in order to inspire growth in each student. Her approach to teaching relies on engagement and inspiration, helping students discover their passions and future goals while meeting the assignment requirements.

Prior to IvyWise, Maria enjoyed a full career as a traditional English teacher—teaching in Honors English and AP in high school as well as Composition courses in college. Maria has also supported ESL students and provided academic guidance for student advisory groups and clubs. Her love of teaching, desire for student success, and positive energy keep her focused on providing her students with the knowledge to navigate through life in college and beyond.

In her free time, Maria likes to hike, visit coffee houses, and explore her city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Colorado Springs, CO




English, Spanish


Literature, English

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