Kendra, Ed.D.

IvyWise Academic Advising Team Leader
Law School Admissions Counselor

Former Assistant Dean of Academic & Student Affairs at Northeastern University School of Law and Academic Advisor at Northeastern University


Kendra is a former Assistant Dean of Academic & Student Affairs and Director of Academic Advising & Operations at Northeastern University School of Law. She also served as Assistant Director at Boston University Questrom School of Business, Academic Advisor at Northeastern University, and Application Reader & Admissions Associate at Northeastern University School of Law.

Kendra graduated from Northeastern University magna cum laude with a bachelor’s in Human Services. She also holds a master’s in College Student Development & Counseling, a master’s in Leadership, and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration – all from Northeastern University. Her research focuses on the relationship between undergraduate academic advising and graduate school admissions outcomes.

As an IvyWise Academic Advisor, Kendra enjoys helping students reach their goals – the loftier, the better! However, she understands that a student’s plan and interests can evolve once they start taking classes and completing internships. Kendra truly shines in moments where students need coaching and support to redefine their goals and develop new academic and professional interests. She works with students to ensure that they take full advantage of all of the opportunities that their colleges have to offer.

As a Law School Admissions Counselor, Kendra specializes in helping applicants craft their personal statements and resumes in a way that avoids clichés and helps convey who they are as people and as future attorneys. She has read thousands of law school applications in her career and has marked hundreds of students for scholarships. As a result, Kendra understands what can help a student stand out in a pool of highly qualified applicants. She also combines her admissions knowledge with her academic advising skillset to help applicants understand their goals and identify schools that will be great fits academically, personally, and, of course, professionally.

A native Californian living near Boston, Kendra enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter. She’s traveled to over 20 countries and has lived in Montpellier, France, and Tokyo, Japan. Kendra also enjoys cooking and trying new restaurants, as well as taking her French Bulldog Chalupa Batman for walks around her neighborhood.


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