Principal College Admissions Counselor

Former Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Washington University in St. Louis


Jenny is a former Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Washington University in St. Louis and previously worked as a college counselor at an independent high school in St. Louis.

Jenny earned a BA in English from Washington University in St. Louis, before going on to obtain a law degree. After working as an attorney, Jenny went back to Washington University to work in admissions, using her skills as a lawyer to advocate for students during the competitive admissions process.

At Washington University, Jenny reviewed tens of thousands of US and international applications for all undergraduate schools, assessing applicants’ academic preparation, extracurriculars, life experiences, and personal qualities to determine fit for a variety of programs. Jenny evaluated applications for business, arts and sciences, engineering, and pre-medical programs, gaining a nuanced view of what admissions officers are looking for when building a well-rounded class. She served as the athletics liaison, working closely with coaches and student-athletes during the Division III recruitment process, as well as the business school liaison helping to make admissions decisions for that department. As part of the leadership team at Washington University, she was also responsible for hiring, training, and mentoring other admissions officers.

After working on the college side, Jenny moved to the other side of the desk, serving as a college counselor at an independent school. There she advised students and families on all parts of the college process, including guiding students to explore their strengths, abilities, and career interests. She worked with students on all parts of the college prep and application process, including the development of their essays, resumés, and interview skills.

Jenny is passionate about her work with students and loves working with young people as they transition into adulthood, specifically helping them discover their strengths as they plan out their futures. She particularly enjoys helping students with learning differences navigate the college application process.

As a counselor, Jenny is detail-oriented and deadline-driven. She encourages students to work ahead as much as possible and emphasizes an open line of communication to make sure they feel comfortable and supported.

Her favorite thing about working with students is the one-on-one interactions where she learns more about not only their passions, interests, and dreams, but more of who they are as a person and how that translates into their educational experience and admissions goals. She enjoys both helping students grow and develop throughout their high school experience and serving as a mentor to guide them as they learn how to advocate for themselves – and seeing their confidence grow as a result!

When she’s not working with students, Jenny enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two children. When she’s not tending to her garden, you can find Jenny cooking up new recipes with her latest garden harvest, traveling, or watching meteorology and true crime shows.

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