Executive Functioning Coach

B.A., St. Francis College
M.S. Ed, PD, Brooklyn College


Janine specializes in teaching students executive functioning skills and mindful strategies in order to excel in school and beyond.

Janine is a licensed School Psychologist who has been working at an independent upper school in Brooklyn, NY for over 15 years and has individually mentored over 200 students from various backgrounds.

Some of her experience includes counseling, crisis intervention, classroom observations, running student workshops, providing academic and executive functioning support, consulting with teachers and parents as to best practices and teaching psychology and health and wellness courses. In addition to teaching at the high school level, she spent three years as an adjunct professor teaching psychology and education courses to college students.

Her therapeutic philosophy comes from experience in working with students who have ADHD, anxiety, depression and various learning disorders and the belief that everyone wants to do well but that certain challenges get in the way, causing students to become stuck. Thus, Janine strategically tailors customized plans to help students become “unstuck.”

Janine’s executive functioning coaching focuses on persistence, goal setting, planning, prioritizing, improving focus and time management. Additionally, she addresses managing emotions and handling stress…tools that enable students to go far in life. She enjoys working with families and having them be a part of the process of growth in developing the whole student. Her casual, humorous and warm approach allows for productive rapport building and successful results.

Janine takes pride in seeing her students build skills, gain confidence and excel academically as a result of their work together. When she isn’t working, Janine spends time with her husband and three children. She loves coffee and sweets, likes to exercise and enjoys creating themed dessert tables and decorations for special events.

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Executive Functioning

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