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Felix Hamilton

Regional Director, China

As the Regional Director in China, Felix is responsible for programming and enrollment operations in China and throughout Asia. Felix works with families to help them determine the IvyWise services that best fit their needs, and facilitates partnerships with schools, organizations, and businesses in order to provide IvyWise services and events in China.

Felix graduated from the University of Edinburgh, where he majored in Chinese studies. He then spent one year at Peking University in Beijing taking specialty Chinese courses. Prior to joining IvyWise, Felix worked in Shanghai for six years primarily at the European Chamber of Commerce before moving to Shenzhen where he currently resides. Felix has been working in the education sector since 2015, advising Chinese families on UK and US education. Felix is a fluent Mandarin speaker.

In his spare time, Felix enjoys playing golf and traveling to exotic destinations in Asia to scuba dive.