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K-12 Admissions Counselor

Assistant Director of Upper School Admissions, Sidwell Friends School

Diana specializes in students seeking admission to competitive and/or highly selective K-12 programs in New York and the US, including day and boarding schools.

Diana is an Assistant Director of Upper School Admissions at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. Diana is a graduate of Sidwell Friends School herself, and has spent over a decade working at the prestigious DC school as a teacher, dean, advisor, tutor, and admissions officer.

Diana received her bachelor’s degree in English from Yale University, before earning her master’s degree from American University. In addition to her roles at Sidwell, Diana has worked in various positions at The Shipley School, Germantown Friends School, and Seneca Valley High School.

Diana is passionate about helping students identify the schools that are the best fit for their interests and goals. As a counselor, Diana is very goal-oriented, approachable, and nurturing. She enjoys helping students find their strengths and create strategies to aid them in approaching the admissions process in a positive manner. Diana enjoys working with a wide-range of students and their families, including those who may need some extra guidance throughout this process

Diana values the holistic admissions process and works with parents and students to help them understand what admissions officers are considering when admitting students to various K-12 programs throughout the country. While the focus of the process is on the student, Diana works with parents to help them know what to expect and keep them informed on the intricacies of the process every step of the way.

In her free time, Diana enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her three cats and two dogs.