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Dan Y.

IvyWise Master Tutor

B.A., Bowdoin College
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Dan specializes in preparation for SAT Subject Tests in US History, World History, and Literature, and academic support for history, literature, English, and writing.

Dan has more than five years of experience as a teacher and tutor specializing in history, religious studies, and writing.

Dan graduated with honors from Bowdoin College with a major in religious studies and a minor in film studies. He went on to earn his master’s degree at the University of Chicago Divinity School, and later a doctorate in the History of Christianity concentrating on the philosophy and religious practice of the Middle Ages. While at the University of Chicago, Dan taught a broad range of subjects, encompassing topics as diverse as poetics in the ancient world, the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, and devotion to the Virgin Mary in modern Japan at a number of different institutions.

He also served as an instructor of writing for first-year students at UChicago and witnessed dramatic improvements in his students’ ability to clearly express themselves in writing and gains in their comprehension of course material. His course evaluations were uniformly excellent, whether teaching introductory courses at an art school, graduate level seminars on Christian theology, or adult education courses on medieval travel. In addition to teaching and tutoring, he was previously the editor of an academic journal and coach of the University of Chicago’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

In all of these roles, his approach is predicated on fostering a human connection to his students and to the material studied in order to impart both content and the foundational skills of a successful educational career. He is profoundly excited by what he teaches and believes that allowing his passion to shine through his work and modeling in that work how students can channel their own passion for learning productively has proven more fruitful in my classrooms than anything else.

In his free time, Dan enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, woodworking, hiking, and reading.