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B.A., Wake Forest University
M.S., University of Oxford

Carrie specializes in preparation for the ACT and SAT including writing and essay skills, ISEE, SSAT, CHSPE, academic support for all levels of essay writing, and academic support for English, reading, and math.

Carrie has over a decade of experience has an academic tutor and mentor specializing in ACT and SAT prep as well as essay writing.

Carrie received her B.A. from Wake Forest University, graduating summa cum laude and in the top three percent of her class, before going to earn an M.A. at the University of Oxford where she was published internationally.

Carrie is passionate about teaching and uplifting her students – encouraging them to overcome mental blocks and to approach school (and life) with confidence. She has helped countless students to boost their grades, increase their test scores, and get into their top-choice schools. Her approach is individualized and holistic. Each student processes information differently, and the key to success is finding a way to make learning an engaging and fun process.

She has a passion for writing and has spent thousands of hours writing both as an academic and as a professional content writer. Carrie is known for her unique approach to teaching essay writing skills to students of all levels. She has also worked on writing, reading, and pronunciation skills with young students and with students who speak English as a second language.

Carrie has worked with countless middle school and high school math students, often retaining students across multiple grade levels. Through this work, she has seen complete transformations not only in students’ grades but also in their confidence regarding their academic capabilities.

Carrie is passionate about philanthropy and the arts. She is a long-time volunteer for Young Storytellers and an active participant in the Los Angeles theater community.