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B.A., Brown University
M.F.A., Stonybrook Southampton

Bob specializes in consulting with students on personal statements, essays, and other creative and expository writing for college applications.

Bob is a writing tutor with over a decade of experience in tutoring and writing consulting for students in NYC and around the world.

Bob is professional writer who has published countless first-person essays in national newspapers and magazines, two memoirs, Assisted Loving and Bobby Wonderful, several plays and many NPR commentaries. Bob earned his BA from Brown University in semiotics and an MFA in creative writing from Stony Brook Southampton.

From common app essays, to some of the highly individualized prompts asked by particular schools (like tells us about your favorite snack), Bob thrives on prompting, questioning, and organizing students to bring out their humor, smarts, and emotional depth in their writing.

Bob believes that everyone, no matter how boring they think they are or how intimidated they are about personal writing, has a story to tell and something to say.

Bob works with students on their writing by first asking questions about their life, whether it’s the news they are reading on their phones, or how they feel around a certain teacher, friend, family member or pet. While typical topics about community service and lessons learned can work for college essays, Bob also looks for other ways to showcase student sensibilities – crafting opinionated rants, for instance, with a strong and quirky point of view. He often finds students respond when prompted to write about things that frustrate them or overwhelm them with feelings of joy, guilt or remorse.

He believes that details and dialogue matter and they can add up, and while personal writing is a grueling and invigorating process, it can yield satisfying and even extraordinary results – not just on the page but also in students’ lives.