Infographic: Prepare for Your College Campus Visit

US News and World Report

By Jordan Friedman
June 16, 2016

Schedule a tour at least a month in advance and prepare questions to ask, experts say.

When it comes to visiting colleges of interest, it’s essential to plan ahead.

Attending a tour and information session can help prospective students determine whether a school is the right fit for them – both in and out of the classroom, experts say.

At small liberal arts colleges in particular, a visit might also indicate to admissions staff that a prospective student is highly interested in attending, says Nat Smitobol, admissions counselor at IvyWise, a higher education consulting company in New York City.

“It’s really hard to kind of absorb the culture of a campus from just reading in a guidebook,” or simply hearing from a school, he says. And where to apply, he says, is a personal decision for each individual prospective student.

Completing all of the items on the checklist below can help applicants ensure they get as much out of the tour and information session as possible. Hover over the circles to get advice on what to do before you travel to a campus for a scheduled visit.

Check out the full infographic here.