Head of the Class


Fall 2016 Issue
September 2, 2016

After working in the admissions office at Yale University, “I realized that I could really be helping these students from the other side of the desk,” says IvyWise CEO Dr. Kat Cohen. A few years later, an educational consulting business was born.

IvyWise has since grown to include 14 counselors and a staff who cater to students around the globe. At the helm is Cohen, whose work has taken her to India, London, Turkey, Dubai, Norway, and beyond. As summer ends, however, application season has her back in the U.S.

“In August, I’m generally in New York when everyone’s on vacation or they’re in the Hamptons,” she says.

Busy season continues through December – it takes an intense level of organization, she says, to get students college-ready while balancing business and family life.

“Every day I have a day planner literally hour by hour, sometimes half and hour by half and hour,” she says, but meticulousness isn’t the only thing Cohen recommends in her recipe for achievement.

“I think grit is one of the most important characteristics for success,” she says. “I certainly had to have it.”